Is Your Spa Website Losing Potential Clients? 5 Questions to Ask

Is Your Spa Website Losing Potential Clients? 5 Questions to Ask


Fresh new marketing initiatives and new targets for sales have likely been discussed, but what about making ‘digital’ a real focus for your business in 2018?

Here are 5 reasons we think you would invest in a new website in 2018, and why it’s the first step towards really getting serious about making digital part of your marketing efforts for the new year. Let’s dive in…

1) Your website offers a poor experience to users on the move


Mobile internet browsing is huge. In 2008 a marketing analyst Mary Meeker predicted that in 2014 mobile access to the internet would overtake desktop usage. She was right, with the tipping point actually occurring in late 2013. In July 2015 another report was conducted, concluding that time spent browsing the internet on mobile devices clocks in at 4.3 hours per day (on average) compared with 2.8 hours on desktop devices¹

Of course, we’re now in 2018, so it’s absolutely critical that your website’s mobile experience is top notch.

The stats above just show that we’re consuming websites on the move as well as when the feeling takes us, by impulsively searching for services we require or products we might need, such as during an ad break whilst sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Why is this a reason to invest in a new website?

As a business you can’t ignore the change in the way people are consuming websites. You need to ensure that your website looks fantastic and offers a flawless user experience (UX) on mobile devices (as well as desktop ones too). Otherwise you’re going to lose potential business – no question about it.

If your website was redesigned more than a year ago it’s also worth noting that Google has started to roll out its “Mobile First Index”. Because most people are now browsing the web from their phones, Google is starting to determine where your site ranks based on how your website renders on mobile, rather than on desktop. Here’s some more information on this if you want to read more.

Even if your current website is responsive and adjusts when viewed on a range of different devices, if it was created even back in early 2017, chances are there are improvements that can be made now we know more about how users interact with responsive websites.

We see 2018 as the perfect time to redesign your website to put mobile users first.

2) The content on your website isn’t communicating the right message anymore



Content – often left as the last piece of the puzzle in a web design project – is actually one of the most important elements of your website. Why?

Because words go a long way in converting your website visitors into customers and clients. Pair up awesome design with great content and you’re on to a winning combination.

So, what’s the problem with content on many business websites?

  • It’s not regularly fine-tuned and updated, so it makes your website appear extremely stagnant, and can even make your business project a totally different message to the one you intended.
  • It’s written like a series of statements and facts. E.g. “We were founded in 2009 and offer web design services to small businesses”. Rather than in a way that addresses the problems your clients are facing and how you can solve them to make your client’s life easier.

Why is this a reason to invest in a new website?

Content is still king online, more so in 2018 than at any other time, so having a website that makes it super-easy for you to effortlessly add new content is essential if you want your website to be a success this year.

A website redesign is also the perfect time to re-evaluate your message and re-work your content to make sure it’s resonating with your target audience(s). Our top tip would be to also ensure that if you do redesign your website this year, make sure you pick an easy to use CMS (Content Management System) and put a lot of work in to fine tuning your content and making sure it’s of high value to your prospects.

3) Your visitors can’t easily find what they need or complete an action on your website


The ideal client you want to appeal to may have changed over time in your business, so there’s a good chance your website is outdated in this respect too.

Can visitors find valuable information on your website? Information that’s valuable enough and compelling enough for them to make contact?

You might also have a few different types of user visiting your website, each type looking for something different. Does your current website cater for all their individual needs?

Why is this a reason to invest in a new website?

It’s a valid reason because if your visitors can’t find what they need, or carry out tasks they want to complete on your website, then it’s ineffective and a complete waste.

Our top tip here to avoid this with any website redesign you carry out in 2018 would be to create “user stories” or “user personas”.

This is where you give your customer type one a name (e.g. Customer #1: John) and create a persona for him, and list tasks he’d likely be looking to carry out or information he’d be wanting to access on your website.

Often, once you’ve got all your personas mapped out (you might have three or four) you’ll get a lightbulb moment, giving you clarity on how to structure your new website and what kind of content you need to include to ensure visitors convert into clients / customers.

4) You aren’t using video on your website (and on other channels too)


You’re bound to have noticed that video played a big part in 2017 when it came to inbound marketing strategies.

According to an awesome infographic from HubSpot ², Groupon Works has concluded that by 2017 video will take up 69% of all consumer web traffic (the equivalent of 4x as much as web browsing and time spent emailing) ³.

Creating high valuable, useful, entertaining videos and publishing them on YouTube and other social media channels is a great way to generate web traffic, especially as filming and recording is easier now than ever.

Why is this a reason to invest in a new website?

Video usage will only increase in 2018 as our attention spans get shorter and we demand more information quickly, so embracing video is a no brainer if you want to get serious about inbound marketing.

Including video in a big way on your website is also increasingly popular now. Why? It’s just so engaging if done correctly. The way in which you use video on your website will differ depending on the type of business you’re in. Are you selling a product or service? Try having an explainer video created for your new website, and then integrate it front and center on the homepage. I’d be willing to bet you’ll see an increase in conversions.

5) You don’t have a clear ‘digital strategy’


Having a ‘digital strategy’ in 2018 is going to be imperative. If you don’t have one now you need to work on putting one in place, and your new website can be the centerpiece that brings it all together.

A digital strategy is really the process of specifying your businesses vision, goals, opportunities and related activities to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives. It’s basically putting in place a digital plan to succeed online.

Let’s say you’re a florist. Your digital strategy might be made up of:

  • regular social media posts on your business Twitter / Facebook pages, sharing new products, bouquets, arrangements to encourage engagement and sharing among followers.
  • the creation of videos on your YouTube channel and website educating users about how to pick the right flowers for the right occasions.
  • publishing high value articles in the blog on your website to encourage sharing, distribution and as a result more traffic to your website.
  • weekly email newsletters to your customer list informing them of special offers and promotions and recycling content you’ve posted on your website.

As you can see it’s really all about content creation and distribution on different channels.

Why is this a reason to invest in a new website?

Because your new website will be the central hub where you are adding and publishing new content which can be shared across all the channels mentioned in the florist example above. All your digital activities should point people back to your website, which if finely tuned and professional in its appearance will convert those visitors into customers.


2018 is the right time

A new year is the perfect time to address the five issues we’ve mentioned above and your website should play a key role if you’re going to take digital seriously and want to see results. Far too many businesses sit back and leave their website to get outdated. If you utilize it and integrate the points mentioned in this article you can drastically improve the return you’ll get on your investment of a website redesign. So to conclude, get serious about digital in 2018 and you can without doubt make 2018 your best year in business!

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